XL Wig hairnets

$2.50 USD

Designed specifically for wig makers, these extra large wig nets are the perfect solution for protecting those long wig styles during transit.

Our Extra Large Wig Hair Nets are designed to accommodate all head sizes, featuring a spacious and stretchy design that ensures a secure fit for even the largest wig styles. The nets are made from a soft and breathable material, ensuring maximum stretch to keep the styles in tack.

The seamless design of the nets helps to create a smooth and natural-looking wig finish. The extra-large size of the nets allows for ample room to tuck away hair, ensuring a secure and stable fit for your customer's wig.

Order now and experience the difference the Extra Large Wig Hair Nets can make in packaging and protection of your wig styles, your clients will truly thank you!

Larger Bulk orders available upon request.

10 pieces for $2.50

25 pieces for $6.25

50 pieces for $12.50


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cynthia c
Very useful

I love how it fits my big curls without damaging or pressing on them. Always a good buy with Tee

Eva Dimmock
Hair Nets XL

The XL Nets was just what I need for shipping my wigs, product was durable and long enough to fit over the entire wigs. I recommend this product for wig businesses

Jacquilla Bailey

XL hairnets

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