Adjustable mesh wig caps

$17.00 USD

For mixed sizes you MUST SELECT mixed sizes then specify the size in the notes! If you do not select mixed sizes I cannot send you the mixed sizes you request!

 These wig caps are a game changer! If you haven't tried them you should. Here's why?

Our Adjustable Mesh Dome Wig Cap features a breathable mesh dome that provides optimal ventilation for your client's scalp. The dome is made from soft and durable material, ensuring a comfortable fit that stays in place during the wig making process. These wig caps are definitely a personal preference. If you are a wig maker, I recommend giving your customers an option to choose. 

The cap is designed with versatility in mind, featuring adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit to your client's head size and shape. This ensures a secure and stable fit, no matter the head size.

The seamless and stretchy edge of the cap allows for a smooth and seamless wig finish. Whether you're a seasoned wig maker or just starting out, the Adjustable Mesh Dome Wig Cap is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and well-fitted wig.

Order now and take your wig making to the next level with the Adjustable Mesh Dome Wig Cap. Your clients will thank you for the comfort, style, and adjustability!

Why are my caps different from others? QUALITY!

These caps I provide are top quality and Not flimsy at all! theres mesh on the sides and a thinner material in the middle. These caps are perfect for making closure wigs on the sewing machine. They can also work for a frontal wig but it requires a more specific technique (tutorial coming soon). 

BLACK Available in sizes: XS-XL

NUDE Available in size Medium ONLY 

Please READ: for mixed sizes you MUST SELECT mixed sizes then specify the size in the notes! If you do not I will give you the size you selected 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adjustable Mesh Cap

I get great results with THESE specific kind and shipping is fast. Thanks for prioritizing us customers.

MaKayla Renee’
Adjustable Mesh Caps

I love the fit of the caps, makes my wigs look super flat (even flatter than my wigs on a mesh dome cap). Just be careful not to sew over the adjustable straps like I did though lol. All in all, good product and price! I will be buying more!

Canita Parker
Wig Caps

I really loved how light these caps are compared to the ones I get at the beauty supply store. I will definitely order more!!

Thanks , Tee

Ashley Glover
Must have

I have purchased these wig caps repeatedly since I found out about them!! They are definitely true to size, unlike many that i’ve tried before. My customers and I have not experienced any issues with them. If I never find my own vendor for wig caps, I am totally okay with that because I love these so much. Great job Tee!

Nikki B

I love them

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