Meet Your Instructor

Making wigs is not just a job, it's an art form. And when it comes to wig making, Toniel Garner is one of the masters. With her successful business, Stylish Styles by Tee, Toniel has been helping women all across the nation feel beautiful and confident with custom and ready-to-wear wigs since 2014.

Toniel's passion for wig making is evident in every unit she creates, and it's no surprise that her work has earned her recognition and accolades from experts in the hair community. She has a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality that sets her apart from the competition. But Toniel's passion for wig making extends far beyond just making women feel beautiful. She's also dedicated to helping others achieve success in their own wig making businesses. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about the industry, Toniel is a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or grow their wig making business.

So, if you're looking for a wig maker who truly understands the art of wig making and is dedicated to helping others succeed, look no further than Toniel Garner and Stylish Styles by Tee. Whether you're looking for a custom wig, a ready-to-wear unit, or guidance and support on your own wig making journey, Toniel is here to help. For more information on Toniel Garner and SBA, visit the website today. Get ready to experience the art of wig making like never before!