Ready to start your wig business but you still need guidance on what to do? NO WORRIES, I’ve got you covered! The Wig Business Startup Course provides you with essential information to successfully start your wig business! This course does not cover wig making techniques. 

This course is PERFECT for:

  • Those who want to start a wig business
  • Those who want to  succeed in the wig industry
  • Those who are currently struggling with identifying their niche and target audience

You will LEARN:

  • How to create a business name
  • How to identify your niche
  • How to find and engage your target audience
  • Social media platforms to use for your business and everything you need to know about starting a wig business

This Course Does Not Teach Wig Making!

Topics Covered:

  • Knowing your niche
  • Branding Basics
  • Establishing a Business Name
  • Graphics
  • Finding a Vendor
  • Identifying your Target Audience
  • Legalities
  • Logo Info
  • Building a Social Media Portfolio
  • Website FAQ

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, my name is Tee. I am the owner of Stylishstylesbytee LLC where we provide quality custom wigs to women all over while making them feel beautiful and stylish. I'm also the owner of Stylish Boss Academy where we provide all your wig business essentials and more! I enjoy sharing my knowledge to help other women in the beauty industry because I do feel we all can succeed. I've been in this business for over 6 years now and have scaled my business to 6 figures. I provide custom wig making techniques that will teach newbies and experienced custom wig makers how I get a glueless fit. To begin the journey to entrepreneurship, the first step is learning how to start a wig business. This course is designed to teach you exactly what steps to take next and things to know as you build the foundation of your business. 

Split the Cost! Don't want to pay it all today? You don't have to! Our payment plan option allows you to pay the full cost over 4 weeks and get access TODAY! Don’t let the cost hold you back from being in the same position as someone who’s price you’re questioning!