The Ultimate Wig Business Planner  

This business planner was created with YOU in mind. Someone that needs help organizing their wig business better without getting confused with all the planners out there. A simple yet highly effective planner to keep you organized in all aspects of your business.

What is this Planner?

This Ultimate Business Planner contains all of the key planning sheets you’ll need to organize your business, shorten your to-do list, come up with a posting schedule, plan your social media content in advance, determine your biggest and scariest goals + develop a plan to conquer them - all in the same place!

Do you struggle to manage your Business? Whether you are just starting up, planning to get started or you want to organize your current goals. The Ultimate Wig Business Planner is a great way to start getting things done like a pro!

A few months ago, I found myself with an exploding to-do list, random notes everywhere and no clear vision as to where I wanted to take my business and brand. No matter how much I worked, there just always seemed like there was so much to do.

The Ultimate Wig Business Planner was designed to help me stop feeling overwhelmed when it came to running my business and being desperate to have all of my notes and information all in one central location.

This planner has helped me and my business stay organized and finally regain a vision. I’m so excited that I’m able to share this planner so all my fellow bosses can build their wig businesses into something they are proud of as well!

The Ultimate Wig Business Planner is designed to:

  • Plan, develop goals and create actionable steps to reach them
  • Manage your business’s day-to-day tasks
  • Stay on top of your planning by providing you with several options to keep up with your monthly, weekly, and daily schedule
  • Plan all your tasks ( content, social media posts, emails, orders etc.) in advance and batch your work to get more done
  • Keep track of your stats so you can see your progress



Designed specifically for wig business entrepreneurs, this planner comes with over 100 pages for business notes and planning, goals pages, dateless calendars for more flexible use, and a thick ink-proof cover with protected corners that won’t get destroyed in transit. 

This Planner is the ultimate guide for planning and executing your goals for your wig business. Whether you’re a new or experienced wig entrepreneur, I guarantee you that you’ll benefit from this.

Being a busy entrepreneur, I know how important goal setting, planning, and creativity is. That’s why I created this wig business planner specifically for us wig entrepreneurs.

There are many benefits to using pen and paper as a creative tool, in addition to the apps and tools that you rely on for other things. Taking notes on paper focuses your thoughts in a way that your smart phone or computer just doesn’t.

And I think you just get better results when you write things down.

Properly plan your wig business with this Ultimate Wig Business Planner today!

***Includes a FREE Stylish Boss Academy Pen!***

Planner includes:

30 day content creation ideas
Target audience guide
Monthly Goal planning
Inventory Tracking
Weekly Planning
Monthly planning
Monthly Social Media Plan
Weekly/ Daily Schedule Pages
Monthly review
Business affirmations & more!

Who is this Planner Perfect for:

  • Wig business owners
  • Product sellers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Coaches that need more help planning 


  • Outlining your business plan, sales, and marketing strategy
  • Developing a clear and consistent brand
  • Email marketing planning
  • Planning your social media content strategy for success
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Tracking your insights
  • Planning and productivity in your business
  • Figuring out who your ideal clients are and how your services can align with their needs
  • Gaining clarity in your business and setting clear goals
  • Monthly Reflections to properly plan for the next month

Heres what others are saying...

I received my planner today! It's so much more detailed than I thought. Love love love it!!! You did a great job on the look, content and information. Only a real wig maker wouls appreciate the effort and thought, GRAND JOB!


From the bottom of my heart I say 'THANK YOU' to Tee... I now have a better perspective on how to plan my business and clarity as to what to do. Tee came through and it was worth the investment.

Samanth N

I am elated to have this planner! Tee doesn't hold back knowledge and will share whatever she has to help in our business, this one is BRILLIANT!

Jessica R

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