What if I told you,
 all you need is... help

You want show up confidently and consistently in the market but you haven't seen the results you're looking for. If you have a hard time balancing your business, your family, and possibly a 9-5 job, then I'm sure you feel like you're on a hamster wheel going no where. Until Today!  I'm here to guide you as a peer and a mentor who has been where you are now and made it to the other side. I've accomplished success on my own and now I teach other wig businesses how to be successful in this industry through this 8-week mentoring program. 





Here's the


The 8-Week Program Includes:

-2-Hour Weekly Zoom Meeting
-Access to our Private Facebook Group (Exclusive BTS & Business Tips and Tricks)
- Office Hours to Access Me
- Physical Student Handbook
- Accountability Partner Pairing
- Graduation Kit

Here, you're not just a number! Each program has a maximum number of enrollees to ensure that our students have an intimate experience. This also means that if you want to enter this program, you want to sign-up soon because space is limited.

Why should you consider joining?

  • We are a family! You'll be joined in a Private Facebook Group with liked minded entrepreneurs who share the same passions and goals as you do. 
  • I'm Live! I personally go live in Zoom meetings to discuss each topic in detail. Every. Single. Week. You won't be going through a training without any live interaction from me and other students. 
  • I'm available! Every question that you ask will be answered. I always make sure my students feel confident and ready to grow their wig business. 

Full Course - Advance Stages of Business

Intermediate Program 

Duration: 8 Weeks 


what you get:

  • Mentoring from Tee
  • Weekly Meetings (2 Times per Week)
  • Accountability Pairing
  • WEEKLY office hours
  • Physical Student Handbook
  • Student Discounts
  • (2) Strategy Calls
  • Resource library access
  • Bonus: Access to all E-Books
  • Bonus: Access to Online Wig Academy (Black Friday Exclusive)

 I'm ready to...

Additional Program Options

For Beginning Stages of Business

Beginner Program

Duration: 6 Weeks 


what you get:

  • Mentoring from Tee
  •  Weekly Meetings 
  • Accountability Pairing
  • Private Group Chat
  • (1) Strategy call
  • Social Media Audit
  • Resource library access
  •  Bonus: Access to all e-books
  •  Bonus: Access to online wig academy (BF exclusive)

For Starting Stages of Business

Start Up Program

Duration: 3 Weeks 


what you get:

  • Mentoring from Tee
  •  Weekly Meetings (2 Times per Week)
  • Accountability Pairing
  • Private Group Chat
  •  Bonus: Launch Strategy Plan


Starter Class

Classes are held every Tuesday & Thursdays at 9pm EST

Class starts Dec 6
Class ends Dec 23

Beginner Class

Classes are held every Tuesday at 9pm EST

Class starts Jan 10
Class ends Feb 14

Intermediate Class

 Classes are held every Thursdays at 9pm EST

Class starts Jan 12
Class ends Mar 2

Wig Business Mentoring Program 

A 8 week program designed specifically for wig businesses to teach you all the aspects of successfully running a wig business!

What if I told you that all you needed to do to make more money is to show up confidently, and consistently?

It's really THAT Simple!

You’re probably thinking…I hear you Tee but,“I am being consistent and my business still isn't growing”“I don’t have time to create a ton of content…”“I’m having a hard time balancing my wig business, my family, and my 9-5 – I don’t have enough time.”“What kind of content should I create?”“I have no idea what I should be doing next”“I’m overwhelmed with all the strategies out there and I don’t know what will work for me.”“I just don’t feel confident or sure about what I’m doing in my business.”“I’m struggling to figure out how to be seen as an authority or expert in my space. What am I doing wrong?”

If you can relate... No worries, I got you!

Join Now!

Whats Included:

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Meet Your Mentor!

What Sets Us Apart:

You’re Not Just A Number! Each Program Has A Maximum Number Of Enrollees To Make Sure That Our Students Have An Intimate Experience.

We Are A Family! You’ll Be Joined In A Private Facebook Group With Like Minded Individuals Who Share Some Of The Same Passions And Goals That You Have.

I'm Live! I Personally Go Live In Zoom Meetings To Discuss Each Topic In Detail Every Single Week. You Won’t Be Going Through A Training With No Live Interaction From Myself And Other Students.

I'm Available! Every Question That You Ask Will Be Answered! I Always Make Sure That My Students Feel Confident And Ready To Grow Their Wig Business.

Mentorship Upgrades: 

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We provide weekly tasks and challenges to keep our mentee focused and motivated. We are clear about our roles and expectations and encourage our mentees to give 100%.


PROFESSIONALISM We promise to be professional at all times by having effective communication, enthusiasm, and expeditious assignment delivery.


We encourage all mentees to network and connect` with each other in our private Facebook group. We will also assign accountability partners for collaboration and partner tasks.


We promise to offer quality service and valuable information. Our primary focus will be to set achievable goals and expectations, be prepared, concise, and create productivity. We help our mentees grow their wig businesses with our resources and expertise.

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