Below FAQ are some common questions regarding our academy, products, and services, if you have other questions, please just send it to
SBA is for any and all wig businesses. We also have information and courses for someone who is considering starting a wig business.
The courses are completely online and self-paced.
You can ask questions and communicate in the comments section of each module. We will try to get to all questions as soon as we can.
You can email us at:
Unfortunately, digital products are intellectual. Once you have access to the files, we cannot provide a refund, NO EXCEPTIONS!
All wigs are glueless until you put glue on them. Our methods are designed for making glueless wigs.
Not at this time. All physical classes are on HOLD. My online courses are beginner friendly.
You can download and have access to the courses forever!
Yes! We believe you should run your life like you run a business. When you apply the same systems, productivity, and leadership skills to your home and family as you do to business, everyone wins. Want closer relationships at home? That's team building. More trust in your relationship? That’s great communication skills. These aren't just business skills, they're life skills.
Yes! The mission of SBA to help every woman level up in leadership and in life. Whether you're an entrepreneur building a business, an ambitious woman ready to hit the next milestone in your career, a college student, or a busy mom who knows that systems, strategy, and leadership are for living rooms just as much as they are for board rooms, this is for you.
Yes! We know the power and value of real, live mentorship and will be teaching and hosting all of our weekly classes live via Zoom. We will do our best to accommodate multiple time zones to meet the needs of all of our members, and will have recordings available for download after the live sessions if you're not able to join live.
The mission of SBA is to help every boss woman level up in their wig business and in life. Yes, you'll learn business skills that we teach entrepreneurs we work with at every stage of business, but they are also life skills. These skills apply whether you're just starting out, scaling a multi-million dollar empire, or simply want to become the best version of yourself at home, at work, and in your relationships.
Yes! We are proud to ship items internationally. There will be an additional shipping fee based on location, and please anticipate longer shipping times as we do our best to get items to you as soon as possible anywhere in the world.