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Are you ready to skyrocket your wig business's success this Black Friday season? Join our highly anticipated 3-day Black Friday Bootcamp tailored exclusively for wig businesses like yours!

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As the holiday season approaches, seize the opportunity to strengthen your wig business for one of the busiest and most profitable periods of the year. Our immersive 3-day bootcamp is your gateway to acquiring the expertise, abilities, and self-assurance required to dominate Black Friday and the entire festive season.

While this event isn't live, we've got the replay from last year's phenomenally successful bootcamp ready and waiting for you. Experience the same game-changing insights, strategies, and tips that fueled incredible results for wig businesses just like yours.

Whether you're a one-person business or have a dedicated team, our bootcamp is designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards unparalleled success. If Black Friday is a crucial milestone in your business calendar, this bootcamp is your secret weapon to make it unforgettable.

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We're confident that your investment in this bootcamp will pay off. Implement the tactics and insights you'll gain, and watch your business soar to new heights of profitability.

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The Bootcamp is for you if...

Executing a wig sale feels uncertain.

Safeguarding your business from holiday scammers is a concern.

Starting one of the biggest sales of the year seems daunting.

Not sure what actionable steps to take to start planning your sale.

Want to learn more about the apps to automate, protect and upsell your customers.

Join me for 3 day Exclusive Training

Learn all of my tricks, tips and strategies that are proven to make me 5 figure days! I’m literally covering everything you need to know to successfully plan your holiday sales! Here's what you will learn each day:

Day 1

Learn how to craft irresistible offers that stand out and implement effective marketing campaigns to attract customers.

What You'll learn:

Setting Goals

Building Email/Text List

Brand Awareness

Types of Sales

Fraud Alert Set up

Day 2

Optimize your online presence for high traffic. Test and improve your checkout process for seamless customer experience.

What You'll learn:


Mobile Site Optimization

Free gift/Offers

Abandon Carts/Scarcity/urgency

Upselling strategies

Day 3

Plan your inventory and make smart purchasing decisions and more!

What You'll learn:




Creating Automated Systems

Recommended Apps

And so much more!

Exclusive Bonuses:

Receive eight customizable email templates designed exclusively for your Black Friday wig sale! These templates are your secret weapon to grab attention, ignite interest, and drive unprecedented sales during this pivotal period.

Don't Miss the Live Q&A!Snag your ticket now and gain access to an exclusive FREE LIVE Zoom Q&A Session in October. Get direct answers to your burning questions and tap into expert guidance to fine-tune your Black Friday strategies.

What bosses had to say about the bootcamp:

Tanisha- Mane Versatility, LLC

Every course taken, literature content and mini video I have ever purchased from Toniel was awesome! She is worth every dime! It feels good to get what you are looking for from one source when you need the help. The communication she gives back is genuine. I have learned so much from her that will help my business tremendously. I loved the Black Friday Bootcamp it was superb!

Shannon Greene

After participating in the 3 day bootcamp, I feel like I am well prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas…..basically any sale I plan to run throughout the year. There was information I am able to use daily such as the apps, fraud protection (which is very much needed in the hair industry), and email campaigns. Tee literally gave us the email templates we can just alter to fit our brand. I recommend all small (and growing) business owners to take this class if offered again next year, even if you are not in the hair industry.

Jalisa Hordens

This boot camp was just what I needed. It gave me insight on so many elements that I know for a fact I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t invested in my business. I am more prepared and have more confidence to run my sale during Black Friday. Everything I excepted. Thanks Tee.


This boot camp was great!! I’ve taken several classes from Toniel and they all leave me with so much information I didn’t know before. I’m working on procrastination due to not knowing how to do certain things and she just makes it too easy to stay on your toes! She is a great help and I HIGHLY recommend any of her classes!

This Black Friday, level up your wig business with knowledge, strategies, and tools that ensure your triumph. Join the Black Friday Bootcamp and seize the season like never before!

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of effective Black Friday strategies tailored to the wig business industry. You'll be armed with the knowledge to make strategic decisions that ensure your success during this critical sales period. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your Black Friday game and take your wig business to new heights!

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