Black Friday Month Long Mystery Deals!

mystery sale
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Are you ready for the most exciting sale of the year? This is not a drill! Everything must really go! 

Why wait for Black Friday when you can enjoy amazing deals all month long?

So here's the deal...
Throughout the month of November, we're bringing you exclusive deals that will not only help you invest in your wig business but also let you enjoy major savings that you won't want to miss out on. These offers are so incredible that we can't reveal them just yet, but we can promise you this, they will be MAJOR (and never seen before)!

Mark your calendar, set your alarms, and get ready to take advantage of these unbeatable deals. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements as we reveal each mystery offer weekly.

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Friday, November 24th 9am-11PM EST


Sale begins

Today Only!

Our mini tutorials are based on specific skills you want to learn in the wig making process. A great opportunity to learn wig making from the comfort of your home.

We also have wig business templates to help you grow your business so you dont have from scratch.  Remember, this final offer will only be available this Friday only, so don't miss out!

Stay tuned for our next mystery deal that will be revealed on Monday November 20th!


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Check out what other wig entreprenuers have to say about our wig business templates and wig making tutorials:

Thank you so much for the template, it was very helpful. I started making wigs on the sewing machine 2 years ago but took a break for personal reasons. I'm back in action now and a few months ago I learned about ghost wig making and it sparked my interest so I needed a go-by to assist me. You have truly been a wealth of knowledge in the short time I've followed you!

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Tabitha B

Ghost Wig Making Contract Template

I purchased this tutorial because I was struggling with bobs and taking way too long to cut them. I watched the tutorial twice before attempting as well as while I was cutting. I cut two bobs in the time it would have taken me to do one before. The video was detailed and made so much sense. Tee does a great job of teaching. I am looking forward to purchasing more tutorials and taking a one on on class with her!

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Kyahra Hubbard

Blunt Cut Bob Tutorial

This editable wig-making manual is an amazing tool for creating your manual as a wig professional to conduct a wig-making class. The content is easy to read. Fully details content!!!

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Wig Making Course MANUAL (Editable File)

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